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Stone McCormick: Owner & Trainer

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Stone is a 3rd generation hunter jumper trainer with deep family history in Texas. His father, Britt McCormick of Elmstead farm, and his grandfather, Mike McCormick of MTM Farm, have been major influences in his development as a professional.  Stone grew up riding, competing and working alongside his dad at Elmstead. He also rode and trained under some of the top professionals in the sport during his junior years. Throughout that time he gained a deep knowledge and understanding of horsemanship, horse care, farm management, training and instructing. He has been working as professional rider and trainer for the past five years. He believes in the fundamental importance of horsemanship and that it is the foundation of success for both the horse and rider. 

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Stonewall Farm is a premier Hunter/Jumper show barn currently based out of Tara Royal Equestrian Center in McKinney, TX. We train hunters, jumpers, and equitation riders at all levels. Our comprehensive services include full training, lessons, horse evaluation, showing, and sales/marketing services. As a team, Stone and Natalie coach a limited number of riders, which allows them to offer each competitor personalized instruction to help them achieve their goals, all while competing at the highest level of their sport. 

Natalie Stoyko: Owner & Trainer

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Natalie grew up outside of Houston and spent her junior career as a working student and catch rider for top professionals. Her success in the equitation ring allowed her to compete at all of the national equitation finals, including Maclay Finals, Dover Medal Finals, USET Finals East, and the Hunterdon equitation championship. She then earned a scholarship and a starting lineup spot on University of Georgia’s Division 1 equestrian team, and graduated with a BA in Marketing. Natalie’s riding experience has given her the ability to effectively manage a successful barn and train horses and riders of all levels. She believes that a personally crafted development and training program for each horse and rider is essential to ensuring maximum results and enjoyment. 

Training & Lessons

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